1900: A Year in Retrospect

opened in January 2000 and features photos, newspaper clippings, clothing, toys and other artifacts from the era. William Wolf loaned several of his Coca Cola bottles from early this century. Coca Cola had a large market presence even in 1900. Several individuals born in 1900, and items belonging to them, are featured. The exhibit places events in Wabash County in relationship to U.S. and world events.

Children's Clothing
Turn of the century children's clothing includes several pair of rompers. Notice the drop seat.

Children's toys
Children's toys--most items belonged to Edna Pixley, born in 1900. Edna and her family are in the photographs. The tiny kewpie doll in the lower right corner is loaned by Molly Jacobs and belonged to her great-grandfather, Waldo Litherland, born in 1898.

lady's dress 
	with a bustle
Turn of the century lady's dress with a bustle in the rear

ladies clothing styles Exhibit on ladies clothing styles in 1900, featuring the corset


Above: Telephones in use in 1900 courtesy of Steve Shearer. At the time, Mt. Carmel had two service providers, so to be fully connected, one had to have two phones.

Below: Coca Cola bottles circa 1910-1917 from the William Wolf collection.

Coca Cola bottles
1900s Quilt

William McKinley portrait Quilt made in 1896 by Mrs. Thomas Gilkison from bunting used to decorate a parade float for a political rally. Thomas Gilkison, owner of the Friendsville Coal Mine, drove a horse-drawn float filled with lumps of coal from the mine. William McKinley was President and John R. Tanner was the Illinois Governor, as seen in the embroidery work. McKinley was assassinated in 1901 and was succeeded by his Vice President, Teddy Roosevelt.