fingertip cape

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We keep our good clothes and preserve them, whether because of the memories and sentiment they evoke or because of the expense and quality of the garments. They stand as a record of the circumstances and of the economy of the country at the time. From purchased gowns and dresses owned by families of means to garments sewn by family members or the wearer--each garment preserved and valued is a snapshot of the times.

This fingertip cape is likely the oldest piece in the exhibit. It dates to the 1860's. Notice the folded ribbon at the neck, the layered design and machined lace.
bustle dress
Compare these two bustle dresses. On the left is a child's dress in high style. On the right is a cotton house dress which belonged to Anna von Allmen. Bustle dresses were popular in the 1870's and 1880's.

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