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Richer Than the Rockefellers is written by former area resident Ron Gawthorp. It is an adventure novel that underlines the costs and importance of American energy independence. It is a tale of generational love, loyalty and the excitement of the quest for oil. Price $15.00 plus $3.00 for shipping
The button cutting machine was powered by an electric motor and was used to cut button blanks out of mussel shells taken from the Wabash River. Although mussel shelling is not allowed now because mussels are endangered, at one time mussel shelling and button making were important industries in Mt. Carmel. The shells were also harvested in hopes of finding fresh water pearls.

"Incorporating the most exhaustive research to date on the Old Slave House, Jon Musgrave has performed an outstanding service to this country exposing the atrocities of the Reverse Underground Railroad system that prolonged human suffering in the years leading up to the Civil War." Dr. Glenn Poshard, Ph.D. former U.S. Representative, President Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, IL.

Jon Musgrave is a journalist and writer with a special connection of blood ties to the Old Slave House, a link unknown when he began covering the site in 1996. A former reporter and editor who now writes and consults, he recently was named to Illinois' new Amistad Commission for the study of how slavery is taught in the classroom. Slaves, Salt, Sex & Mr. Crenshaw is the cumlation of eight years of reseach. 608 pages with complete index. Price $32.00 plus $5.00 for shipping.

This stone marker was originally placed by the Darughters of the American Revolution along a stretch of Old Illinois Route 1 north of Mt. Carmel which was near the site of Palmyra, the first county seat of Wabash County. The town was located at a bend of the Wabash River just north of the mouth of Crawfish Creek. It was a thriving town for several years until a fever killed many of its residents. The county seat was ultimately moved to Mt. Carmel after a court battle and nearly a real battle when residents of the west half of Edwards County wanted the court house to be located in Albion. The state legislature granted a petition to divide Edwards county into two parts. So today the stone sits 1/2 block from the Wabash County Courthouse in Mt. Carmel.

Witching for Willaim recounts one woman's passionate search for a long-lost ancestor. Evelyn Corrie Birkby unravels the fascinating story of William Corrie, her great-great-grandfather. In 1822 William emigrated with his wife and ten children from Scotland to America, eventually settling in Lawrence County, Illinois. The reasons William left Scotland and sailed west to America, the challenges he and his large family endured, and the pleasures they enjoyed were both unique and representative of the experiences of many other immigrant families of the 1800s. Witching for William shares the treasures unearthed in the author's search, including vintage photographs from the ancestral Scottish manor house to the simple farmhouse in Illinois. Each chapter includes original family recipes for favorite Corrie dishes, such as Scripp' Sisters Sugar Cookies and Nancy Corrie's Beef Stew. Also included are genealogy tips that the author has gleaned during her own research--tips that can help others pursuing their own ancestors' stories.

Price $16.95 plus $3.00 shipping

Since arriving in the Midwest twenty years ago author Ray Mulesky has immersed himself in the rich Civil War history of Indiana and Kentucky. He lives in Evansville, IN with his wife and son. Please visit the author's official Web site at

The book is "a fascinating account of how a skilled former Indian fighter gathered a few Kentucky rebels and "woke up" the slumbering Indiana Home Guard. Mulesky sees the humor in a motley contingent stealing an unguarded cache of weapons from a riverfront warehouse owned by one of Newburgh's leading citizens (without a shot being fired), but also focuses on divisions between neighbors in Civil War border states". Evansville Courier & Press Book Reviews Price $12.95 plus $3.00 shipping.

The Mt. Carmel Area Sesquicentennial (1965) booklet is long out of print but copies of the paperback history are chock full of area history, photographs and advertisements from 1965 businesses. Various authors contributed to the writing and editing.104 pages. Price $5.00 plus $1.00 shipping.
Mary Emma Thompson, Ph.D. is a retired teacher and administrator. She is a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, which is an organization for key women educators. She was introduced to Depression Era art in post offices at the Delta Kappa Gamma Leadership Management Seminar in Austin, TX in 1992. While taking pictures for a fellow participant of the seminar, she decided to take pictures of Depression Era art found in Illinois post offices. She may be reached at Price $10.00 plus $2.00 postage.
This 17 page booklet is geared for children but is of interest to everyone who likes depression era art or Lincoln folk art. Price $10.00 plus $1.00 for shipping.
This 24 page booklet with parchment-type cover is out of print but a limited number of copies are still available. It is a compilation of newspaper clippings from 1847 to 1932. Price $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping.