Salute to Firefighters
In this exhibit we showcase some of our area firefighters and the equipment they use, to give some insight into the work they do to protect us every day and the dangerous conditions they work in.
This fire cart was formerly used by the DeKalb Seed Corn Company at it's Mt. Carmel location on outer west 9th Street. The cart was used for internal fires before the arrival of the fire engines. Notice the linen hose and tongue on the cart.
This turnout gear was retired from the Allendale Fire Department, a volunter unit which serves the northern part of Wabash County.
The firemen in the large photo in the right background of the exhibit at the left are demonstrating the height their hoses will spray while standing in front of the former Wabash County Court House. The spray is reaching the same height as the clock tower. At the time this would have been the tallest structure in the county. The vintage of the photo is believed to be around 1910.
The water operated fire alarm was saved from the Sphar Seed Company formerly located on Oak Street in Mt. Carmel. When the sprinkler system was activiated, the alarm was also activated by water flowing through. It now has a hand crank added to demonstrate how the fire bell would sound.
These pieces of equipment were typical of those used in the past. Number 1 and #3 are hose nozzles and #2 shows some of the temporary spot lights which can be used at the scene of a fire.