Donations over $500 are listed on the memorial plaque. Donations over $50 go on a page dedicated to the person in the memory book.
Get Involved with the Museum
Become a member of the Wabash County Museum. Donations are tax deductable.

Individual membership $25.00
Family membership $50.00
Century membership $100.00
Sustaining membership $500.00

Mail to: Wabash County Museum
P. O. Box 512
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863


Volunteers paint, do carpentry work, greet visitors, clean objects, do research, do garden work and many other jobs. If you would like to help, contact Sue Weisgerber, Volunteer coordinator at 262-7395.


Know someone that deserves to be honored?
Make it happen by adding them to the
VOLUNTEER to help out with the museum.
This one seat buggy was donated recently by the Fearheiley family and needs restoration. It is estimated that it could be cleaned, painted and have new upholstery on the seat and dash for around $750. Volunteers work on projects like this to save money but some things have to be done by experienced craftsmen.
Another badly needed project is to enclose the veranda of the museum and make it a four seasons room. The addition of a roof and walls will keep rain water and moisture from coming into the rear portion of the building. Preliminary estimates for this project are around $30,000. Call or come to see this area if you have questions.
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