Memorial Plaque of Honorees
The Wabash County Museum District is now accepting memorials to honor family members and friends.
In the museum, we have on display a wooden plaque with brass inserts on which the names of those who are being memorialized may be placed. To have a name engraved on a brass plate and inserted in the plaque, a donation of not less than five hundred dollars is requested. This sum may come from one or from multiple donors.
If you wish to honor a person with a contribution of less than five hundred dollars, that person's name will be placed in a permanent registry book which will be displayed in the museum at all times. Obituaries or biographies of all honorees will be included in the register.
Money contributed to the museum for memorials will be placed in a dedicated fund which will be used for the most current targeted project. Check the Get Involved Section tab to see current targeted projects.
We invite you to honor your friends, family members and ancestors by placing their names on the permanently displayed memorial plaque in the museum.
Contact Wabash County Museum Board secretary Roxanna Seybold at (618) 262-8891 with requests or for further information.