Volunteer Opportunities

What do volunteers do?

The museum honors a Volunteer of the year annually. Those chosen have taken initiative to go above and beyond to serve the museum through service; selecting projects which need to be done and completing them on their own, contributing their unique talents, or putting in extra hours to complete projects which were needed. To show our appreciaton the recipients are given a gift certificate and a certificate of appreciation. Every volunteer is important and their time and talents are essential to the operation of the museum.

2008 Volunteers at Hadley's Cafe

Docent: Greets visitors and gives tours of the exhibits
Special Jobs with the Collection and Artifacts
Printing and Mounting Labels for Exhibits
Research for Exhibits and Educational Programs
Take Care of the Genealogy and History Library
Computer Projects
Special Cleaning--Exhibit Cases, Artifacts, Getting Ready for New Exhibits
Museum Advocate and Speaker
Getting Ready for New Exhibits
Museum Advocate and Speaker
Board Member

2008 Volunteers at Hadley's Cafe
Barbara Locke Claudia Dant Tom Dant Shirley Fisher Bud Beuligmann Bill Priest Sue Weisgerber Delores White Ruth Fuller Ron Weisgerber Gerald Brooks Susie Wood Irene Saltsgaver
2007 Volunteers at the Wabash County Museum following the appreciaton breakfast.
Bill Berry Mary Ruth Kieffer Bud Beuligman Irene Saltsgaver Bill Priest Margaret Bartels Bob Bethards Delores White Shirley Fisher Roberta Talley Ruth Fuller Jean French Sue Weisgerber is the volunteer coordinator. She may be reached at 262-7395.
2007 Volunteer of the Year Ron Weisgerber on the right with Claudia Dant presenting the certificate
2008 Volunteer of the Year Recipient Irene Saltsgaver being presented her award by Claudia Dant, Board President
Mick Flood Claudia Dant Roberta Talley Bud Beuligman Delores White Bill Berry Susie Wood Gerald Brooks Roxanna Seybold Ruth Fuller Mary Ruth Kieffer Shirley Fisher Tom Dant Alice Koger Margaret Bartels Jean French Tommy Young Bob Bethards Ed Grewe Gordon Limp Sue Weisgerger Chris Schafer Bill Schafer Ron Weisgerger Office Manager Bill McKiddy
2009 Volunteers at Hogg Heaven at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The Red Hill Dulcimer Society provided music and Bill Berry and Claudia Dant received recognition awards for their contributions.